Ljubljana: The cutest capital city…


This year has been my year of Europe (before it became my year of Asia as well). I have been lucky enough to visit 15 of its wonderful capital cities. But my favourite is still the same as this time last year. The charming, quirky and underrated European city of cool Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Only a short train ride from the natural beauty of Lake Bled, which by now is making it onto the main stream Europe destination list you can easily visit both destinations in a long weekend.

So, why do I love it so much? What makes it my favourite capital city, and why should you should start researching getting to and from Ljubljana yourself for your next trip.


I can happily while away my days in Europe wandering down little alleys, peering in shop windows and soaking up the coffee culture. This is one city totally suited for that! It is compact enough and centres around the river. Some people say its like a small relaxed Amsterdam, I say that’s a good thing.


Slovenia is a stunning country, both because of its hospitality and its incredible scenic surroundings. The view from the top of the castle overlooking the mountains is beyond impressive, especially if caught at sunset.


When you are done with your coffee culture for the day, or your sunset beers along the river Ljubljana packs a punch for dining options. The cobbled streets and outside tables make for a great surrounding to enjoy some of the local dishes including the famous Bled cake (that is, if you can’t make it to Bled for the real deal.) Head to the market for a lively way to feast your way through some of the local Slovenia sausage specialities.


This is my kind of city for having a little splurge. Sure, you have plenty of high streets names but down these small streets sit some pretty unique gems. From vintage vinyl stores to tiny boutiques and collectables stores you can spend a good few hours picking out stuff that might not be required but will make your house look that little bit cooler.


Capital cities can be brash, bold and beautiful at once however here in Ljubljana you can just chill out and go with the flow. With plenty of other spots nearby to explore use this as a base before getting out to enjoy Slovenia. It is certainly a country high on my list to get back to.

Slovenia has so much more to offer though and you could easily fill weeks exploring this beautiful country. Check out this incredible list of day trips from Ljubljana to see just how stunning this nation truly is.

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