Lake Bled Slovenia: Europe’s not so secret Gem


If there is one place that has caught some attention recently it is Lake Bled in Slovenia and with very good cause…

It does not take long to fall in love with. Surrounded by mountains, a Church rising from the middle of the lake, a magical Castle balancing on the edge of a cliff… it’s almost a fairy-tale location.

This list of things to do in Bled is not too long, which is perfect as you can relax and soak it all in. If you want to avoid the crowds that Bled has rightfully collected then do as I did and visit out of Season. In winter the snowy mountains and cold days add even more romanticism to the place or just out of season you can enjoy sun without the hoards.

Hire a boat and make your own way out to the island sat in the middle of the waters as well as enjoying a few hours just soaking up your surroundings from a perfect, on water, vantage point. Post that a slice of the famous Bled cake and a hot chocolate is a winner.

Just over an hour on train away from the capital, a day trip to Lake Bled from Ljubljana is possible however take a couple of days here to unwind, relax and take in everything else around the area. Cycle around the lake, explore the churches, get a great vantage point atop of the Castle or trek though the local terrain.

It’s no secret my favourite capital city is Ljubljana and therefore combining that along with a visit to Lake Bled should never be missed out of your Europe travel plans. Slovenia however is home to hundreds of beautiful places just waiting to be explored so you might want to scrap the idea of spending a couple of days here and get settled in for a little bit longer!

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